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Rectal bleeding.docx

Lower back pain Telehealth 2.docx

Insomnia. Follow up HIV infection.docx

Follow up HIV.docx

Cough. Throat pain.docx

testicular pain.docx

Wellness visit. Abnormal labs results. HTN DM.docx

Wellness visit. Abnormal labs results. hypothyroidism.docx

New patient. Hypothyroidism.docx

Abnormal labs results HLD elevated HbA1c follow up low back pain.docx

Chronic Lower back pain exacerbation.docx

Cervical pain 4.docx

Elevated blood pressure follow up.docx

Elevated blood pressure. Onset.docx

Follow up Prostate CA and HTN.docx

Side effects of Triumeq.docx

Vomiting and diarrhea.docx

Common cold. Exposure to covid-19 infection.docx

Abnormal Breast US and Mammogram.docx

Throat pain.docx

Bacterial pharyngitis.docx

Pudendal nerve neuropathy follow up.docx

Left ear pain. otitis externa.docx

Follow up of lower back pain Lumbar MRI.docx

Lower back pain Lumbar X ray indicated.docx

Follow up DM type II.docx

Wellness visit. Follow up right knee pain.docx

Right knee pain Telehealth.docx

Follow up lower back pain not improved.docx

Subclinical hypothyroidism. COVID 19 positive test f/u.docx

Wellness visit. Abnormal labs results. elevated TSH.docx

New patient. Establish of care.docx

Wellness visit. Mammogram results.docx

Elevated blood sugar. Wellness visit. Telehealth.docx

Wellness visit. Telehealth. HLD Obesity Vit D def Smoking cessation.docx

Abnormal labs results. HLD. Abn Liver Enzimes. VIt D def.docx

Symptomatic varicose veins.docx

Abnormal labs results. Bilateral knees pain.docx

Abnormal bone density. Osteopenia.docx

Pain at multiple sites. Fibromyalgia.docx

Mild gait disturbance. Elevated BP follow up.docx

PPD reading. Abnormal labs results.docx

Wellness visit HTN Obesity.docx

Abnormal labs results CKD. HTN. Anemia.docx

Abnormal labs results CKD DM HTN.docx

Preprocedural examination. clear for surgery.docx

Clear for surgery request. Gallstones. Kidney stones.docx

Follow up bilateral big toe cellulitis.docx

Follow up bilateral big toe skin lesions.docx

Elevated blood pressure. Cellulitis of lower extremities.docx

Abnormal labs results. cervicalgia f/u HLD Vit D def.docx

Wellness visit Overweight Cervicalgia follow up.docx

Wellness visit. HTN HLD GERD Hyperkalemia.docx

Positive NP SARS Cov-2 detected.docx

Exposure to covid 19.docx

Elevated blood pressure male .docx

New patient. Hemorrhoids.docx

Pink eyes. Hypothyroidism follow up.docx

Peripheral venous disease.docx

Right hand pain. Abnormal labs results. Follow up HTN.docx

Follow up elevated blood pressure. Cough.docx

Elevated BP.docx

Wellness visit. Abnormal labs results.docx

Dizziness. cervical pain.docx

Electrofulguration_wart removal.docx

Cervical pain. Wellness visit.docx

Wellness visit. MI HTN HLD DM STENT.docx

New patient. S/P hospitalization. S/P STEMI.docx

Elevated blood pressure 2.docx

Follow up DM type II Telehealth.docx

Onychomycosis Telehealth.docx

Wellness visit. Follow up hypothyroidism.docx

Abnormal labs Amenorrhea elevated prolactin HLD Hypothyroidism.docx

New patient. Facial acne. Wellness visit.docx

Right knee pain.docx

Wellness visit multiple comorbid conditions.docx

Wellness visit. multiple comorbid conditions.docx

New patient. Lower back pain.docx

Lower back pain Telehealth.docx

Wellness visit. Follow . mammogram. . breast US.docx

Inconclusive mammogram 2.docx

Thyroid US results.docx

Abnormal labs results and negative pap smear.docx

Abnormal us  and chest x-ray results.docx

Follow up depression. Wellness visit.docx

New patient. Depression. Vaginal discharge.docx

Wellness visit. Abnormal labs results Morbid obesity.docx

New patient. Pap Smear. Mammogram.docx

Right leg cellulitis.docx

Wellness visit Obesity HLD HTN elevated HbA1c.docx

Wellness visit Telehealth multiple comorbidities.docx

Abnormal pap smear and mammogram Telehealth.docx

Wellness visit. Follow up bacterial pharyngitis.docx

Sore throat Telehealth.docx

Abnormal labs results HLD elevated HbA1c elevated ALT.docx

Follow up his chronic diseases.docx

Follow up hypothyroidism.docx

Abnormal labs results HLD Shoulder pain fu Telehealth.docx

Right shoulder pain 2.docx

Abnormal labs results. Asthma follow up.docx

Wellness visit. Asthmatic bronchitis.docx

Abnormal labs HLD Abnormal glucose.docx

Abnormal labs results low magnesium HLD Anemia.docx

HTN follow up.docx

Wellness. Follow up elevated blood pressure GERD HLD.docx

Wellness visit. Clear to return to work.docx

Abnormal labs results HLD Depression fu Vit D def.docx

Depression. Wellness visit.docx

Follow up Exposure to coronavirus. cough.docx

Exposure to coronavirus DM.docx

Palpitation anxiety.docx

Wellness visit. Follow up sleep apnea.docx

Mammogram results. Follow up low back pain.docx

Low Back pain. Wellness visit Hypothyroidism HTN Obesity knee pain.docx

Erectile dysfunction.docx

Wellness visit. Follow up urethral discharge.docx

Right elbow pain. Anxiety.docx

Cervicalgia bilateral arms numbness.docx

Cervical pain follow up Telehealth.docx

Cervical pain follow up. Cervical X-ray results.docx

Cervical pain 3.docx

Exposure to Covid-19 follow up 2.docx

Exposure to Covid-19. Abnormal labs results..docx

Wellness visit OA HLD depression HTN.docx

New patient depression OA.docx

Abnormal TSH follow up Sebaceous cyst removal.docx

Abnormal labs results HLD elevated HbA1c 2.docx

Wellness visit HLD HTN.docx

ABNORMAL US normal Mammogram result.docx

Follow up abnormal TSH.docx

Wellness visit. Follow up HTN.docx

Follow up headache Abnormal labs results HLD HTN.docx

New patientPain of head and neck region.docx

Abnormal labs results HLD low TSH Vit D deficiency.docx

Wellness visit HLD Meniere’s disease vit D deficiency.docx

Inconclusive mammogram.docx

Wellness visit Pap Smear and mammogram done Obesity Flank pain.docx

New patient Pharyngitis.docx

Follow up lower back pain improved.docx

Vaginal itching and white discharge.docx

Abnormal labs elevated ALT AST decrease statin.docx

Symptomatic hemorrhoids and elevated BP.docx

New patient Lower back pain.docx

Lower back pain 3.docx

New patient. Heels spurs HTN Obesity.docx

New patient. Pap Smear done today.docx

New patient Elevated BP HLD Obesity partial mastectomy OA .docx

Follow up cervical pain.docx

Wellness visit HLD Obesity HTN A fib Depression OA.docx

Negative mammogram results diverticulitis f/u.docx

LLQ pain uncomplicated diverticulitis.docx

Wellness visit Exposure to coronavirus.docx

Stomach burning sensation.docx

Tinea cruris.docx

Follow up Asthma exacerbation. Gastric burning.docx

SOB asthma.docx

Cervical pain 2.docx

Right shoulder pain 1.docx

Abnormal labs results UTI.docx

Follow up s/p surgery.docx

S/P surgery AV fistula left leg.docx

Asthma intermittent SOB.docx

Cough and sore throat viral pharyngitis.docx

New patient. Finger and legs skin lesions.docx

Weight loss program.docx

New patient Left knee pain.docx

Wellness visit A fib chest pain on exertion.docx

Abnormal labs results controlled TSH.docx

Wellness visit Follow up mammogram screening.docx

Wellness visit Follow up UTI infection.docx

Abnormal labs results 3.docx

Abnormal labs results. HLD low Vit b12.docx

Abnormal labs results Heavy periods HLD Anemia.docx

Abnormal labs results HLD VIT D def pap smear negative.docx

Wellness visit HTN Blind eye Obesity Fibromyalgia.docx

Follow up right shoulder pain.docx

Abnormal lab results HLD VIt d Def abnormal glucose.docx

Lower back pain 2.docx

Follow up cervix CA screening.docx

Follow up depression DM and Vit D deficiency.docx

Wellness visit HTN HLD GOUT Vit D def.docx

Common cold 2.docx

Wellness visit Obesity HLD GERD HTN.docx

SOB PNA.docx

Palpitations Outpatient.docx

Abnormal labs results Follow up HTN Obesity HLD.docx

PPD reading Employment PE.docx

Exposure to Covid-19.docx

Employment examination PPD test reading Clear for surgery.docx

Clear for surgery Blepharoplasty.docx

Acne vulgaris.docx

Common cold.docx

Left facial cellulitis elevated blood pressure.docx

Dry Cough.docx

Bilateral Ear pain.docx

Contact Dermatitis. Clear for liposuction.docx

Neck pain.docx

Labial herpes.docx

Abnormal mammogram.docx

labial herpes virus.docx

Follow up of Colonoscopy results.docx

Follow up rectal pain Elevated CA 19-9.docx

Follow up exposure to Covid19.docx

Follow up exposure to covid-19.docx

Follow up lower back pain kidney stone.docx

Migraine Anxiety.docx

Migraine headache.docx

Elevated blood pressure Follow up lower back pain.docx

Follow up Covid-exposure.docx

Common cold COVID exposure.docx

Fenofibrate adverse effect.docx

Epigastric burning sensation.docx

Scalp folliculitis.docx

Abnormal labs results Pregnancy.docx

Follow up pelvic inflammatory disease.docx

New patient Elevated BP.docx

Follow up elevated TSH.docx

CT chest and labs results..docx

Sore throat and fever.docx


Bilateral bacterial conjunctivitis.docx

Wellness visit Elevated blood sugar.docx

Abnormal labs results HLD elevated HbA1c Abnormal liver enzymes.docx

New patient Elevated blood pressure PVD.docx

Bilateral foot burning sensation Diabetic neuropathy.docx

Abnormal labs results Type 2 DM.docx

Wellness visit Follow up stomach pain.docx

Abnormal labs results HLD Vit D def.docx

New patient Insomnia.docx

Elevated blood sugar Wellness visit.docx

Abnormal labs results bacterial vaginosis HLD Vit D def.docx

Exposure to Covid-19 follow up.docx

Follow up dysuria.docx

Elevated blood sugar level.docx

Vulvovaginal candidiasis UTI.docx

Exposure to coronavirus.docx

Lower back pain.docx

Abnormal labs results Follow up weakness Depression.docx

Abnormal labs results elevated HbA1c.docx

Mild SOB intermittent asthma.docx

Epigastric pain Wellness visit.docx

Follow up elevated blood pressure.docx

Weakness HLD Vit D def.docx

Follow up covid 19 exposure.docx

New patient Exposure to covid.docx

New patient Bilateral hands pain.docx

Follow up anxiety.docx

Follow up uncontrolled type 2 DM.docx

Follow up candidiasis negative pap smear.docx

Follow up exposure to coronavirus Tonsillitis.docx

Dysuria Headache.docx

Wellness visit herpes labialis.docx

Herpes cutaneous.docx

Severe Lower back pain.docx

Exposure to covid-19 Anxiety.docx

Wellness visit Obesity 3.docx

Follow up Covid-19 infection Lower extremities weakness.docx

Follow up UTI Right upper quadrant pain.docx

Telehealth visit Insomnia.docx

Gynecomastia fu Abnormal labs results.docx

Left thigh cellulitis.docx

Abnormal labs results HLD COVID 19 fu Abnormal HbA1c.docx

Wellness visit HLD HTN OA.docx

Weakness Covid-19.docx

Abnormal labs results Hyperlipidemia.docx

Abnormal labs results abnormal glucose.docx

Abnormal labs results HLD.docx

Stomach pain follow up Anxiety.docx

Abnormal labs results HLD abnormal liver enzymes.docx

Abnormal labs results 2.docx

Dysuria vaginitis Pap Smear Follow up hypothyroidism.docx

New patient Pap Smear.docx

Follow up lower back pain Wellness visit.docx

Follow up cervical pain Wellness visit.docx

Abnormal urine culture.docx

Lower abdominal pain genital bleeding.docx

Exposure to coronavirus Follow up s/p nephrectomy.docx

Epigastric pain Anxiety.docx

Abnormal labs results HLD Anemia Diabetic nephropathy.docx

Elevated blood pressure.docx

Abdominal tenderness.docx

Pruritus scabies..docx

Right labial herpes.docx

Cervical pain.docx

Wellness visit HLD GERD Obesity.docx

Wellness visit HTN GERD.docx

Follow up lower back pain.docx

Hemorrhoids Nasal obstruction.docx

Tension headache.docx

New patient Wellness visit 2.docx

Exposure to coronavirus follow up.docx

Anxiety with panic attacks.docx

Follow up hyperthyroidism.docx

Vaginal itching abnormal lab results.docx

Wellness visit Obesity 2.docx

Common cold exposure to coronavirus.docx

Wellness visit hypothyroidism.docx

Wellness HLD DM HTN GERD.docx

Wellness HLD HTN VIT D def.docx


Wellness visit HLD GERD Hypothyroidism.docx

Wellness visit HLD elevated PSA HTN Bradycardia.docx

New patient Chest pain follow up.docx

Wellness visit HTN HLD Constipation.docx

Wellness visit anxiety epilepsy underweight.docx

Wellness visit 2.docx

Follow up Covid-19 infection 2.docx

Follow up chest pain.docx

Throat pain and fever.docx

Lower back pain dysuria elevated blood sugar readings.docx

Weight loss Obesity.docx

Able to return to work after COVID 19 infection.docx

Wellness visit.docx

Ready to return to work.docx

Right shoulder pain.docx

Pap smear test RUQ pain.docx

New patient Wellness visit.docx

Lower abdominal pain Wellness visit.docx

Follow up Otitis DOT exam.docx

Follow up bacterial tonsillitis Abnormal labs results.docx

Cough left ear pain.docx

Abnormal labs results Otitis externa.docx

Low abdominal pain PID.docx

Cough covid exposure.docx

Abnormal labs results.docx

Abnormal labs results  HLD Vit D deficiency covid negative.docx

New patient Exposure to covid-19.docx

Follow up cystitis.docx

LOWER BACK PAIN abnormal labs results.docx

Left knee pain follow up.docx

Left arm pain after fall.docx

Telehealth Abnormal labs Wellness visit HLD vit d def.docx

Telehealth fu headache abnormal labs HLD Vit D def .docx

Telehealth fatty liver.docx

Wellness visit Pap smear results HLD Vit D def OCPs.docx

Telehealth abnormal labs results HLD vit b12 deficiency.docx

New patient covid exposure.docx

Telehealth visit Follow up chest pain Abnormal labs results.docx

Elevated blood sugar and blood pressure.docx

Abnormal labs results HLD elevated HbA1c.docx

New patient Cough.docx

Follow up weakness.docx

Follow up low blood sugar Depression.docx

HLD Vit D deficiency Abnormal urinalysis.docx

Gastritis Anxiety.docx

Palpitation anxiety depression.docx

Common cold gynecomastia hyperprolactinemia follow up.docx

Follow up covid-19 exposure Dysuria.docx

Wellness visit Elevated blood pressure.docx


New patient Stomach pain.docx

Follow up covid-19 infection.docx

Follow up covid-19 Depression Insomnia.docx

New patient. Elevated blood pressure, right plantar pain.docx

Cellulitis of face.docx

New patient Exposure to coronavirus.docx

New patient Elevated Blood Pressure.docx

Pre-op check nontoxic multinodular goiter .docx

Discharge from hospital UTI Diarrhea.docx

Wellness visit Obesity.docx

New patient Establish of care.docx

New patient Covid-19 infection.docx

New patient Headache.docx

New patient Chest pain.docx

Follow up covid-19 UTI Telehealth.docx

Common cold Covid-19 exposure.docx

Uncontrolled DM type 2 ..docx

Wellness HTN.docx

Follow up otitis.docx

Otitis media.docx

hypoglycemia type 2 diabetes mellitus.docx

Wellness visit . 2.docx

Wellness visit GERD.docx

COVID 19 improved.docx

Elevated blood pressure  Telehealth visit.docx

Lower back pain ..docx

Follow up Covid-19 infection headache weakness.docx

Migraine headache.docx

Bacterial cojunctivitis.docx

Follow up exposure to Covid-19 Chest pain.docx

Stomach pain follow up.docx

Allergic rhinitis.docx


Abnormal urine culture Covid-19 infection.docx

Follow up covid worsening.docx

Covid-19 positive test.docx

Abnormal labs results HLD.docx

Abnormal lab results.docx

Non-cardiac chest pain.docx

Hoarseness follow up.docx

Abortion request.docx

Follow up weakness Abnormal labs results.docx

post surgical follow up.docx

Amenorrhea pregnancy.docx


Covid follow up.docx

Abnormal labs results Vit D def.docx

Dysuria foul-smelling urine.docx

New patient Clearance for surgery.docx

PAD ..docx


Covid follow up weakness viral PNA.docx

Elevated BS readings.docx

Constipation Stomach pain.docx

Covid exposure UTI follow up.docx

New patient Pre-employment physical examination Elevated blood pressure.docx

Lower back pain Cough.docx

Sinus bradycardia palpitations ..docx

Exposure to coronavirus Common cold.docx

Wart removal ..docx

Common cold Coronavirus exposure ..docx

COvid fu vit d def hyperglycemia.docx

Lower back pain pend.docx

Basal Cell Carcinoma ..docx

Headache heart murmur insomnia ..docx

Cervicalgia ..docx

Symptomatic hemorrhoids.docx

False-positive serological test for syphilis.docx


Left knee pain ..docx

New patient HTN ..docx

Elevated BP ..docx

New patient Chest pain ..docx

School examination Read PPD test ..docx

Elevated BP depression ..docx

S/p surgery Abdominal pain Cosmetic ..docx

Telehealth SOAP insomnia cystitis follow up ..docx

vaginal discharge . .docx

Non cardiac chest pain ..docx

Lower back pain Osteopenia ..docx

HTN PAD ..docx

Dysuria ..docx

Antibiotic-induced diarrhea ..docx

High fever and sore throat ..docx

Cough COVID-19 exposure ..docx

Exposure to coronavirus ..docx

Hair loss and foul-smelling urine ..docx

Right thigh pain ..docx

Follow up viral pneumonia ..docx

Abnormal mammogram ..docx

Abnormal breast US ..docx

Right breast mass ..docx

Follow up infection and uncontrolled DM type II ..docx

Clearance for surgery inguinal hernia ..docx

COVID 19 exposure ..docx

Cystitis. Insomnia ..docx

Low blood pressure laryngeal CA.docx

Acute pharyngitis tonsillectomy ..docx

GERD Stomach pain ..docx

Viral Pneumonia ..docx

Wellness ..docx

BPH ..docx

Follow up hypertension Chest discomfort ..docx

Lower abdominal pain ..docx

Antibiotic induced diarrhea 2 ..docx

New patient exposure to coronavirus HTN Obesity ..docx

Follow up Covid-19 ..docx

Lumbago ..docx

New patient Stomach pain Obesity ..docx

Cough general malaise ..docx

SOB asthma ..docx

Preprocedural laboratory examination ..docx

Cough ..docx

Follow up back pain Anxiety ..docx

Right knee pain ..docx

Epigastric pain ..docx

New patient Covid-19 exposure Oral Contraception advice ..docx

HTN Hyperthyroidism follow up ..docx

Nasal congestion ..docx

Weight loss ..docx

Stomach pain ..docx

Lumbago with sciatica right side ..docx

Common cold exposure to covid ..docx

New patient Bilateral hands pain ..docx

Antibiotic induced Diarrhea ..docx

Pain in left wrist.docx

GERD fu ..docx

Low back pain ..docx

Osteoporosis osteopenia ..docx

bilateral toe cellulitis ..docx

Low blood pressure ..docx

IUD insertion request ..docx

Follow up head skin lesion ..docx

New patient. Stomach pain ..docx

Anti-anxiety medication request ..docx

Abnormal radiological tests results Follow up ..docx

New patient RUQ pain ..docx

Morbid obesity ..docx

Cough Losartan ..docx

Uncontrolled hypertension ..docx

UTI ..docx

Chets pain, HTN ..docx

Cervical pain ..docx

New patient. Right inguinal hernia. ..docx

New onset Right breast discharge Neck pain follow up ..docx

Wellness visit ..docx

New patient. Cervical pain ..docx

MAstalgia ..docx

Wellness visit plus abnormal lab results ..docx

Tests results over the phone ..docx

New patient Renal lithiasis ..docx

New patient Uncontrolled Type 2 DM.docx

Wellness and abnormal labs results.docx

Hyperkalemia_Abnormal lab result.docx

Pain in lower extremities.docx

Acute bacterial pharyngitis_Adult.docx

Uncontrolled Blood Pressure follow up.docx

FNP soap note solution


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